Change of use of tourist accommodation to residential in Bournemouth

MB Planning has recently achieved planning permission for the change of use of a tourist accommodation site in Bournemouth to open market residential use.

The site has a long recent planning history, and had previously been in use as a hotel.  This use proved unviable and planning permission was granted to enable the site to operate as self catering tourist accommodation.  However, this use has also proven to be financially unviable over the past few years.

Our client had previously used another planning consultancy in an attempt to change the use of the site to open market residential. However,  Bournemouth Borough Council have long opposed the loss of tourist accommodation at the site and have resisted all previous planning applications that would result in the loss of tourist accommodation.

On reviewing the planning history, MB Planning advised the loss of tourist accommodation at the site would only be supported by the Council with a sufficient evidence base to demonstrate the site has not been financially viable over the past few years.  In addition, any application would also need to demonstrate that an alternative form of tourist accommodation at the site would not prove viable.

With the assistance of Sturt & Co Chartered Surveyors, MB Planning was commissioned to prepare a robust planning application to fully justify the loss of tourist accommodation at the site.  After some dialog and further evidence, the application received the support of the Council's Tourism Officer, and the application was duly approved, to the delight of our client.

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The granting of planning permission has removed the burden of an unviable tourist accommodation use at this site in Bournemouth

Appeal success for intensification of HMO use in Southampton

MB Planning has recently won an appeal allowing the intensification of use of a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in the Portswood area of Southampton.

Southampton City Council opposed the planning application on the grounds of the prevalence of existing HMO properties already in the vicinity of the site were harming the character of the area, and an intensification of use would exacerbate this harm further.  The Council also raised concern that an intensification of  use would lead to further demand for on-street parking, and also advised that the alterations to the property would lead to a poor living environment for occupants of the newly created rooms.

MB Planning prepared a detailed appeal statement setting out justification as to how a small intensification of use (with only internal works required) could not harm the character of the area.  Detailed evidence was also presented to demonstrate that the increase in number of occupants of the HMO would not lead to any further on-street parking demand.  Further evidence confirming that each room would be provided with sufficient daylight was also included within the appeal statement. 

The Planning Inspector tasked with determining the appeal visited the site, and was persuaded by the arguments put forward in the appeal submission.  He therefore duly allowed the appeal to the delight of our client.

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The success of the appeal allowed the use of this property in Southampton to be intensified

Change of use of agricultural buildings to Class B Business Uses

MB Planning has recently secured planning permission for a major development involving a number of agricultural buildings at a farm near Romsey.

Test Valley Borough Council became aware there had been a breach of planning control through the change of use of a number of agricultural buildings to a variety of Class B Business Uses (offices/storage and distribution/industrial uses etc).  The Council made our client aware there was a need to submit a planning application to regularise the situation.  MB Planning was appointed to submit the planning application to confirm the change of use from agricultural to business across a total of 11 buildings.  

The planning application needed to deal with a number of complex issues, including the impact on the countryside character and setting, the level of traffic generation arising from the business uses, and the environmental health impact of the business uses on both the site and nearby residential properties.


MB Planning was ultimately able to demonstrate that the business uses at the site would not cause harm to the countryside surroundings, or have a harmful impact on the rural road network in which the site is situated.  MB Planning also held a site meeting with a Council Environmental Health Officer and was able to allay concerns regarding noise and contamination, both within the site and affecting nearby properties.

After some negotiation (over issues such as the level of outside storage and the extent of new landscaping to be provided), Test Valley Borough Council were satisfied the proposal satisfied all relevant local plan policies, and accordingly approved the planning application, thereby regularising the use of the site for Class B Business purposes, and ensuring our client no longer has the threat of any Council enforcement action being taken. 

If you are considering a commercial development and/or change of use, contact MB Planning today for free and impartial advice.


These former agricultural buildings now have a new and valuable authorised business use

Change of use from care home to guest house

MB Planning was approached to assess the feasibility of a change of use of a site in Southampton, from a failing elderly care home (C2 use) to a guest house use (C1), providing bed and breakfast type facilities to business and tourist visitors to the area.


The site lies within a predominantly residential area, and the key issues relating to the change of use were assessed as being the impact on neighbouring properties and traffic generation.


MB Planning produced a planning statement to justify the proposed change of use against the relevant planning policies.  The application was promptly approved without controversy to the delight of our client.

Conversion of empty premises to A1 retail shop

MB Planning was commissioned to prepare a planning application for the change of use of a former motorbike showroom into a Class A1 retail shop in the Woolston area of Southampton.


The main issues that needed addressing were concerns over customer parking and delivery movements to and from the premises, as well as potential noise from the business affecting nearby residents.


MB Planning was able to demonstrate that the proposal would enhance the retail offering of the area, and any concerns regarding traffic and noise were quickly abated.  The planning application was approved within the statutory 8 week timeframe, and the new business is now trading from the site. 

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