Replacement dwelling in Hampshire village

MB Planning was commissioned to deal with a replacement dwelling proposal for a site within a small village in northern Hampshire.


The landowners had previously submitted a planning application for a replacement dwelling, but found the Council objected to their plans on Conservation and Landscape grounds. The Council were also concerned the proposed dwelling would not comply with the character of the village.


MB Planning provided initial advice to the client on how best to amend the proposal, so as to comply with the Council’s objections, but at the same time provide a replacement dwelling that was satisfactory for their needs. Following this advice, a planning application was submitted. The application included the provision of a planning statement and design and access statement, both of which were prepared by MB Planning.


The planning application prepared by MB Planning was able to allay the Council’s concerns regarding the impact of the dwelling on the landscape, and the impact the dwelling would have upon the character of the village. While an objection was again received on Conservation grounds, MB Planning was able to persuade the Council that the proposed dwelling would not cause harm to an adjacent Listed Building (this being the main concern raised by the Council).  The application was approved to the delight of our clients.

Planning Consultants Hampshire
Planning Consultants Hampshire
Extension to Listed Building

MB Planning was commissioned to secure planning permission and Listed Building Consent for an extension to a rural cottage near Andover, following previous refusals of planning consent for similar proposals. 


MB Planning suggested ways to improve the proposal that did not compromise on the client's ambitions for the extension, and submitted a revised planning application.  While the application still resulted in an objection from the Council Conservation Officer, MB Planning was able to liaise with the Planning Officer and provide adequate evidence to demonstrate that these objections were not of any significant merit, and that the proposal would cause no harm to the setting and character of the Listed Building. 


After many previous attempts at trying to secure planning permission, MB Planning was able to step in and secure planning permission and Listed Building Consent for the extension.

Planning Consultants Hampshire
Planning Consultants Hampshire
Environmentally friendly dwellings in conservation area

MB Planning worked alongside Haus UK architects in presenting a planning application to demolish an existing dwelling in Canterbury and replace it with two dwellings.


The existing dwelling was of no architectural merit, and the proposal sought to provide a high quality design, built to passivhaus premium standards, making the dwellings as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.


MB Planning completed an initial appraisal of the site, and advised our client that Conservation would be a key consideration, given the site lies within close proximity of Canterbury City Centre.  A pre-application meeting followed, where the design was not universally accepted by the Council as being in character with the more historical surroundings.


However, both Haus UK architects and MB Planning worked closely together to ensure that a quality planning application submission gave the proposal the best possible chance of success.  After some deliberation, the Council accepted the proposal and design proposal and granted the planning permission.

Planning Consultants Hampshire
Retention of log cabin in New Forest

MB Planning worked with a private individual, who had erected a log cabin within a Conservation Area in the New Forest, not realising that planning permission was required until New Forest District Council Enforcement Officers arrived at the property!


MB Planning worked quickly to ensure the Council did not feel the need to take enforcement action.  Planning documentation was drawn up to confirm that the log cabin would actually enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area, rather than detract from it.  A number of other issues, such as the impact on nearby trees and impact on flood risk were also dealt with in as part of the planning application documents prepared by MB Planning.


The Council accepted the arguments put forward, and granted planning permission, allowing the log cabin to remain in situ, to the obvious relief and delight of our client.





Planning Consultants Hampshire