Obtaining planning permission for our clients is our core business.  We strive to achieve the best possible form of planning permission to maximise the development potential of each site we work with.  See below for more detail on the services provided in order to achieve this:


While most of our planning application submissions are either full or outline planning applications, we have experience of submitting most other forms of planning application as well.   Since formation in 2009 we have submitted applications including Certificates of Lawfulness, change of use, Listed Building Consent, removal/variation of a condition, and prior notification applications.

The planning system provides the opportunity for the promotion of a site through an emerging planning policy document, such as a Council Local Plan, or a Neighbourhood Plan designated area.  This form of site promotion is often ideal for those sites on the edge of an urban area, but within an area of designated countryside, where a development proposal if submitted today would likely be resisted, but has longer term development potential. 


With careful and tactical promotion, the aim of this line of work is for the site to be allocated for a particular development, thereby realising an uplift in the value of the land. 


MB Planning has recently completed the promotion of a Hampshire site through a Neighourhood Plan, the result in the now adopted Neighbourhood Plan being a site currently in agricultural use that now has an allocation for 35 dwellings.


If you have a site and want a professional opinion of its development potential, contact us for free no obligation advice. 


We will give you initial advice detailing how likely a planning permission for your development proposal will be, as well as the likely issues and obstacles to address as part of the planning application submission. 

In this day and age, even the simplest planning applications can require a large amount of documentation, drawings and of course the completion of a detailed planning application form.  Without the correct information, a planning application will not be accepted by the local authority, leading to delays in the processing of a planning application.  We regularly submit planning applications across a wide range of local authorities so you can rely on our expertise to get your application validated as quickly as possible.


Our planning application service includes the production of a planning statement (sometimes known as a Design & Access Statement), which sets out the key issues, and justifies the development proposal against relevant national and local planning policies, and any site constraints.


We also carefully monitor all aspects of the planning application, including consultation responses from Council officers, members of the public and Councillors.  Where necessary, we react to any issues raised in consultation responses, and maintain a close relationship with the local authority Planning Officer, until the planning application is determined.


All local authorities provide a chargeable pre-application advice service, which can sometimes be useful to get an initial view of a development proposal. 


However, the process is not always straightforward, as often a local authority will require a substantial amount of information be submitted before it will offer pre-application advice.


If you want to obtain pre-application advice from the relevant local authority, MB Planning are able to co-ordinate the pre-application documentation and drawings that are required. 


Sometimes, a planning application does not go as anticipated and the application ends up being refused.  The right of appeal is afforded to all planning application refusals and can often be the only way a development proposal will win planning permission, for example if there is political objection to a proposed development (even if it complies with planning policy).


We have plenty of experience in the submission of planning appeals for a range of development proposals.  If you have recently seen your planning application refused, contact us for a no obligation assessment of your appeal prospects.